AGA & Kitchen Accessories in Sussex

It is not surprising that Nathan Levick consider AGA the perfect accompaniment to our kitchens. Both are handcrafted and created by skilled craftsmen using techniques passed down through generations, and just like our kitchens, owning and using an AGA creates an emotional attachment.

There has never been a better time to consider an AGA cooker as recent developments and technology have ensured there really is a model to suit everyone. From the classic AGA which is on all the time to the new AGA Total Control which is on just when you need it and off when you don’t.

We have a live AGA Total Control on display and are happy to give demonstrations.

AGA Total Control cookers look exactly the same as a traditional AGA cooker and food is cooked with the same gentle radiant heat but underneath the enamelled cast iron exterior lies state of the art technology. Using a touch screen control panel, hotplates and ovens are individually switched on and off when needed. Running on electricity AGA Total Control has fast heat up times and offers complete flexibility. You can still enjoy the all embracing AGA warmth in the winter and in the summer months you can simply turn the AGA cooker off, using individual ovens and hot plates as you need them.

In room venting technology allows these AGA Cookers to be sited anywhere in a kitchen, including within an island or peninsula unit.

Offering even greater flexibility, AGA iTotal Control models can be operated via text message from a mobile phone.
AGA Total Control cookers are available in 3 oven and 5 oven models.

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